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3 Best Performing Forex Robots of 2022

Best Forex Robots

Forex robots are automated trading robots developed to make trading decisions for forex users. Forex robots eliminate emotions from trading and make automatic trades. They come with predefined settings and are easy to use. Users do not need extensive knowledge of trading because trading robots provide everything from installation to usage.

Forex robots take complete control of trading and create endless opportunities for making money. Users can say goodbye to the stress and sleep all night when they have a trading robot taking care of all trades. Forex robots use historical data to predict the best time to enter a trade.

This article discusses the top forex robots which are suitable for all traders. Several factors such as drawdown, max profit, and performance of robots were analyzed to consider them the best forex robots.

3 Best Forex Robots of 2022

Below are the three best forex robots developed to automate trading.

1- Red Horse Robot

Red Horse Robot is developed by Sinry Advice which understands the market conditions by 85%. In the last three months, the red horse robot has generated a minimum profit of at least 10% monthly which is far better considering the Russia Ukraine crisis. You can check the performance of Red Horse Robot for both 1k accounts & 10k Accounts.

Red Horse is one of the best forex robots because it is made using the latest mql5 programming language. It understands the market segments and ensures you get the most profit out of your trade. It comes with an accuracy of 85% and immediately closes trade with the possible outcome of a loss.

Red Horse is simple to use and easy to install. It is updated every month and regularly checks the market conditions.

Minimum Deposit: $1000

Price: Starts from $59/month

The red horse is equipped with smart news filter and guarantees 12-24%. It is among those robots that keeps the drawdown below 25%. Easy installation and news filter makes this robot one of the best forex robot in the market. 

For the last few months, Red Horse has performed significantly well. Developers publish weekly results and performance chart is also available on myfxbook. 

2- Pro Max Gold EA

Pro Max Gold EA uses advanced trading algorithms at an affordable price.  It is developed by My EA Academy and it is the first fully automatic robot that can provide up to 29% of profit in merely 45 days. This robot comes with a smart news filter with the ability to analyze both technical and fundamental news. Therefore, it automatically updates users about the market segments.

This robot has performed significantly better than other robots and its performance is verified by MyFXBook as well. It indicates the confidence of the algorithm in making the right decisions at the right time.

The user interface is simple and easy to use to help beginners in installation. It comes with an easy installation of five minutes and guarantees monthly profit ranging from 8% to 15%. You can check the performance of this robot on MyFXBOOK.

Minimum Deposit: $1000

Price: $198 lifetime

Promax Gold EA is one of those forex robots which was tested for 3 years. The expected profit varies between +8 To +10%. The major benefit of Promax Gold is its ability to analyze technical and fundamental news. Verified results of this robot are available on myfxbook. It was initially introduced by My Ea Academy and later on shifted to Sinry Advice.

3 – Swing VIP Robot

Swing VIP is another best forex robot of 2022 developed by Sinry Advice. It is smart, intelligent, and makes quick trade decisions. It is the only robot that uses multiple market segments such as price action, trend, CCI, and PPO and analyzes them all together to make the best trade.

Swing VIP is the only robot working on five pairs at a time. The expected monthly profit is 8% to 16% and the results can be verified through MyFxBook. Therefore, It is ranked third among the best forex robots of 2022.

This robot is an excellent option for those who want a high-performance robot at an affordable price. Hence, It doesn’t require any coding skills and comes with an easy installation of five minutes.

Minimum Deposit: $1000

Price : Starts from $198

Swing VIP is the first EA based on price and trend strategy. The expected profit varies between 8 to 16% and it is among those EA’s that automatically close trade when market has high volatility. 

Should You Use Best Forex Robots?

Forex market is evolving with the evolution in technology just like other industries. Automation is the core of trading in 2022. Numerous websites claim to offer the best forex robots, however, most of them are scam because there are no verified results. 

Sinry Advice has a satisfaction score of over 85% when it comes to customer satisfaction. Performance and verified results of all trading robots are available on myfxbook. It is one of those companies highly reputable and aims to deliver best performing forex robots in highly affordable price. 

Final Thoughts

Hundreds of companies sell forex robots and claim to provide the maximum possible profit. However, it is not always the case as forex robots can also go in loss. Moreover, users must think strategically and use robots at the right time.

Forex robots require no prior knowledge and expertise and come with predefined settings. All you have to do is to install the robot in your account and ensure you meet the required criteria for using the robot.

Not all robots have the same strategy as they all work differently and make trading relatively simple. The robots discussed in the article are tested and work best on already given settings. Therefore, use them to simplify your trading life and generate a stream of passive income.

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